Family Immigration

23.04.2015 // Applicants who have family members living in Norway, or applicants who wants to start a family with a person living there may apply for a family immigration permit.

If you have a close relative living in Norway or if you wish to start a family with a person living there, you may apply for a family immigration permit. For more information on what a close relative is, <click here>.

The person in Norway must either have a residence permit that allows for family immigration or Norwegian or Nordic citizenship.

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) informs you about:

-          Family immigration in general <click here>

-          How to apply  <click here>

-          Checklists on what to attach to your application <click here>

-          What happens after your application has been submitted <click here>

As soon as you have registered your case correctly, you can book an appointment at the embassy to hand in your documents. Please note that the application must be submitted within one year after you registered it online. If not, the registration will be delated from the system.  Find a list of what to bring to this appointment here <click here>.

The embassy will scan all your documents and send them electronically to the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI).

In certain cases, the embassy will call you in for an interview and / or a DNA test. It is therefore important that you keep your contact information updated at all times. If you have changed your address, email or telephone number, please use the following form to notify us <click here>.

Your case will be processed by the UDI in Norway. You can find average expected processing times on this website <click here>.

Normally, the embassy will notify you about the decision of the UDI. If you have given another person power of attorney in your application, the decision will be sent to that person. For more information about power of attorney, please <click here>.

POSITIVE DECISION: If you are issued a residence permit on the grounds of family immigration, the embassy will provide you with the necessary visa for entering Norway. Please note: Once in Norway, you must report to the local Police District within 7 days upon arrival.

NEGATIVE DECISION: If your application is rejected, you have the right to appeal. For more information about how to lodge an appeal, you can <click here>.








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