A Lodge in the "Mountain Wilderness"

06.05.2009 // One and a half kilometers fra Hawzien town in Tigray you find Gheralta Lodge (see picture), named after the Gheralta Mountain range which the lodge oversees. Read more.

The Gheralta area, with its unique chain of mountains, is also home of numerous rock churches, famous for their architecture, ancient paintings and manuscripts and others known for their magnificent view.

The lodge is located in the heart of the historical route, two hours FWD from Mekelle airport, half a day’s drive from Axum and a day from Lalibela. It is in the middle of the Tigray Open Museum. In a ten hectare rocky area, with four large secular ficus trees and a breathtaking view of the Gheralta mountains’
landscape, an Italian family has constructed a five bungalow lodge, a restaurant with leisure area and serves delicious simple Italian food, as good as you can get anywhere in Italy.

Enrica and Silvio Rizzotti offer a family style resort– and a free apperitive on your first night - with impeccable standards of finishing, maintenance and cleanliness
in a breathtaking environment.

From here you can make your walks in the mountains and visit numerous churches on foot. If you have a car you can reach many others and see some brethtaking views. It is worth the visit.


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