From left: Ms Cecilie G. Alnæs, Mr Gashaw Debebe og Mr Thomas Angell. 
Photo: RNE.From left: Ms Cecilie G. Alnæs, Mr Gashaw Debebe og Mr Thomas Angell. Photo: RNE

The Norwegian GSP-Scheme Provides Exporters from Ethiopia Duty Relief when Exporting Goods to Norway

The Norwegian Customs Authority and a representative of the Norwegian Enterprises Federation visited Ethiopia 22 - 25 January 2014 to inform about the tariff free export opportunities of Ethiopian products to Norway.

The Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) for import of goods from developing countries has been in effect in Norway since 1971 and allows for all goods produced and manufactured in a developing country to enter the Norwegian with a preferential tariff treatment. All goods originating from Ethiopia, for example, can enter Norway without paying any customs duties.


A seminar was arranged in cooperation with the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association where Ethiopian exporters of various products attended. The Exporters had the opportunity to discuss details around the GSP scheme and the possibilities of exporting to Norway with the Norwegian representatives and also got information about the general market conditions for imports into Norway. The seminar was very successful and many reported on the usefulness of these types of informative gatherings to update on the existing regulations and conditions.


These are the basic conditions for GSP preferential tariff treatment of Ethiopian goods in Norway:

- The product must be manufactured in Ethiopia

- The product must be manufactured in the Ethiopia in accordance with the applicable rules of origin of the Norwegian GSP-scheme

- The product must be transported to Norway ”directly” from Ethiopia, not including transit of goods while under the surveillance of the  customs authority in the transiting country.

- The product must at the time of importation into Norway (customs clearance) be covered by a satisfactory proof of origin

- The importer (declarant) must request (claim) GSP preferential at the time of customs clearance of the product

- The product must be covered by the scope of products contained in the Norwegian GSP scheme offered to Ethiopia.

A more detailed description of the regulations are available on the website of the Norwegian Customs Authority here -

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