Rolf Andreas Negård from NHO at EEF and CETU workshop in Addis Ababa 8 November. 
Photo: EEF.Rolf Andreas Negård from NHO at EEF and CETU workshop in Addis Ababa 8 November. Photo: EEF

NHO and LO in Ethiopia

On Tuesday 8 November 2016, EEF and CETU held a workshop in Addis Ababa for their members, branch offices and trade union representatives on collective bargaining and social dialogue at the enterprise level. Representatives from NHO and LO participated in this workshop and presented their experiences. NHO spoke about the benefits of social dialogue and collective bargaining for the company and the employees, and the roles and responsibilities of management and the local trade union representatives. LO spoke about the tripartite mechanisms in Norway, and about the agreement that regulates collective bargaining.

The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) has worked with Ethiopian Employers Federation (EEF) since 2012 with the goal to contribute to basic development of the organization. NHO’s partnership with EEF is on organizational development, member services, and on collective agreements and social dialogue at the company level. EEF is now represented in almost all regions in Ethiopia and has around 240 members from both the national and regional levels.

The Confederation of Trade Unions in Norway (LO) has ongoing project cooperation with the Ethiopian Confederation of Trade Unions (CETU) and Ethiopian Federation of Construction, Wood, Metal, Cement and other trade unions.

EEF member companies and trade unionists from BGI Ethiopia and Ethiopian Airlines also gave their presentations on social dialogue and occupational safety and health, respectively. EEF and CETU have also established a technical committee for collaboration around collective bargaining agreements for Ethiopian enterprises.

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                                                                                           Photo: EEF

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