The expo was a successful event, one of the products presented was the Bale wild coffee.The expo was a successful event, one of the products presented was the Bale wild coffee.

Business-Expo in Bale Mountains

Last updated: 22.04.2016 // Farm Africa, SOS Sahel Ethiopia, OFWE and Bale Zone Trade and Market Development Office organized a two day natural product expo in Bale, Robe 15 and 16 April. It was a part of the Bale Mountains Eco-Region REDD+ Project (BMERP), supported by the Norwegian Embassy.

The project provides a sustainable financing mechanism for Oromia Forest and Wildlife Enterprise (OFWE) and local communies that are committed to sustainable management of natural resources in Bale Eco-region. Farm Africa and SOS Sahel Ethiopia, in partnership with OFWE, have been implementing the project, introducing the REDD+ scheme and livelihood activities with local communities.

Different forest products were presented at the exhibition, including honey, coffee, indigenous tree seeds, essential oils, handicrafts, bamboo products, eco-charcoal and fuel efficient stoves.

There was much information about Bale REDD+ project posted in the conference hall, as well as progress documents, so the guests were able to get information about the project easily.

The event was successful, and one of the recommendations from the participants was to repeat it quarterly.

Achievements of the Project

  • Training and awareness creation events on the Market Analysis and Development (MA&D) and VSLA successfully achieved. After this  the communities are able to identify potential natural resources and created income from already identified natural resources.
  • Methods for coffee quality improvement implemented, such as collecting red cherry, drying on the mesh wire and/or bamboo mesh and storing in appropriate material and temperature. Manuals incorporated all these methods developed and distributed to the communities.
  • Manual for beekeeping prepared in discussions with the local community. The manual starts with description of bee and bee groups and continued with other topics such as bee developmental stages, types of beehives (traditional, transitional and modern), additional materials used for beekeeping, site selection for beekeeping, honey harvesting method, value adding techniques and methods of wax preparation incorporated in the manual and each topics were discussed with communities in detail.
  • Manual for bamboo forest utilization prepared to aware communities on the available treatments to use bamboo resource sustainably. It contains the uses, methods of cutting and using, methods of transportation, methods of storing and bamboo stand development methods. All topics discussed with the local communities.
  • To display the final outcomes of these project activities the 2 days business expo was organized. CBO members and Saving and credit cooperatives from Nensebo, Berbere, Harenna, Goba, Dodola and Delomena woredas and head of district offices of OFWE from Bale and Arsi branches including OFWE branch manager from Bale participated at the event.

Honey from Bale Mountains, all the Woredas participating presented honey:








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