The Embassy participated in the inauguration of the Ethiopian Airlines flight to Oslo on Friday 24 March 2017. Read the speech made by the ambassador below. Read more

Rolf Andreas Negård from NHO at EEF and CETU workshop in Addis Ababa 8 November. 
Photo: EEF.

On Tuesday 8 November 2016, EEF and CETU held a workshop in Addis Ababa for their members, branch offices and trade union representatives on collective bargaining and social dialogue at the enterprise level. Representatives from NHO and LO participated in this workshop and presented their experiences. NHO spoke about the benefits of social dialogue and collective bargaining for the company and... Read more

Private sector development is an emerging focus area in Norway’s bilateral engagement in Ethiopia. . 
Photo: RNE/TWO.

Today, 16 November, the Embassy is arranging a seminar on private sector development, bringing together stakeholders from private sector, public institutions and regulatory bodies. Read more

The expo was a successful event, one of the products presented was the Bale wild coffee.

Farm Africa, SOS Sahel Ethiopia, OFWE and Bale Zone Trade and Market Development Office organized a two day natural product expo in Bale, Robe 15 and 16 April. It was a part of the Bale Mountains Eco-Region REDD+ Project (BMERP), supported by the Norwegian Embassy. Read more

Yara decided to support the community around their mine in Afar, when they saw how the ongoing drought affected the region. Last year it was only two days of rain here. 
Photo: Afar Pastoralist Development Association .

Yara donates USD 100,000 through the Norwegian Development Fund's local partner Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA). The contribution will go to feed for livestock and veterinarian services. Such contributions are important, as animal husbandry is the main source of nutritious food and income for large parts of the population in Afar. Read more

The Norwegian Business Delegation met with the Embassy and private sector yeaterday 2 February. 
Photo: RNE/TWO.

The embassy’s partners in developing Norwegian businesses and investments in Ethiopia, namely Innovation Norway, the Norwegian African Business Association and NORAD’s Section for Private Sector Development are currently in Addis Ababa to participate in the US-African Business Summit and get a better understanding of the Ethiopian market. Read more

Young emerging female fashion designers represented one booming group of Ethiopian women entrepreneurs at the celebration of women entrepreneurs.

The 2015 International Women Entrepreneurs Day was celebrated with a Fashion Show at the National Theatre 19 November. Ambassador Andreas Gaarder made a speech at the opening, emphasizing that increased Ethio-Norwegian private sector engagement is high on his agenda. Read more

The first honey was exported  from Ethiopia to Norway in 2009, and over 560 tons of honey have been exported to Norway so far.

The Norwegian government presented a white paper on aid and private industry in which one of the examples analyzed is the successful cooperation between Ethiopian beekeepers, Honningcentralen and Norwegian Development Fund. Read more

From left: Ms Cecilie G. Alnæs, Mr Gashaw Debebe og Mr Thomas Angell. 
Photo: RNE.

The Norwegian Customs Authority and a representative of the Norwegian Enterprises Federation visited Ethiopia 22 - 25 January 2014 to inform about the tariff free export opportunities of Ethiopian products to Norway. Read more

NABA, The Norwegian-African Business Association

The Norwegian-African Business Association (NABA) welcomes Ethiopian companies, professionals and business people to their third annual Norwegian-African Business Summit on Friday November 1st, 2013 at the RadissonBLU Scandinavia Hotel in Oslo, Norway. Read more

Ambassador Odd-inge Kvalheim, Addis Ababa.

The Norwegian Ambassador to Ethiopia, H.E. Odd-Inge Kvalheim, will have a business breakfast meeting in Oslo. This will be held on Tuesday the 27th of August 2013. Read more

The Embassy of Norway in the Sudanese capital Khartoum has added Ethiopian coffee from Tomoca in Adduis Abeba to its lunch-menu. Read more

Since 1960, the Koka Dam in Oromia Region has been powering Ethiopia. The 458 metre long dam was an important part of the country’s development during the time of Emperor Haile Selassie, and also then, Norwegian expertise was utilized to make the most of hydropower in Ethiopia. Read more

Ethiopian honey sold in Norway

Ethiopian honey was recently introduced in Norway and is growing in popularity. Read more

Mosvold is a name people in Ethiopia will know, both from the area around the shop in Piazza, and as a name of quality products, particularly furniture. But the fact that Mosvold is a Norwegian name, established by Norwegians with Norwegian products might not be so well known. When dealing with Ethio-Norwegian business relations, one should start with the first Norwegian business venture in... Read more

State Secretary Ingrid Fiskaa. 
Photo: SV.

"Norwegian-Ethiopian relations are longstanding and includes relations at so many levels, from people to people to political contacts at the highest level," says Norwegian State Secretary Ingrid Fiskaa. Read more

Bjerkdammen, Rana. 
Photo: John Petter Reinertsen/Statkraft.

Norway’s comparative advantage in hydro power development and Ethiopia’s amazing hydropower potential means that this is one of the embassy’s focus areas of development collaboration. Read more

In 2009, Norwegian Company”Honningcentralen” imported 40 tons of honey from Ethiopia, and made it available in Norwegian supermarkets starting from September. The deal proved sweet enough for Honningcentralen and Norwegian palates to plan import 100 per cent more- 80 tons of Ethiopian honey in 2010. Read more

Coffee, roses and honey - Ethiopian luxury products increasingly find their way into the Norwegian markets. Last week Ethiopian honey made its entrance into the shelves of Norwegian outlets. Read more

In the course of a century, Norway has evolved from a quiet agrarian society to a dynamic, high-tech country with a prominent international position. Norway is one of the world’s largest oil exporters, and is among the world leaders in a wide range of industries, such as aquaculture, maritime industries, hydropower, the environment, energy, technology and telecommunications. Historically, most... Read more

Mester Grønn hadde i ukene rundt jul en meget offensiv markedsføringskampanje av etiopiske roser i Norge på fjernsyn og med plakatkampanje i egne butikker (se bilde) Read more

  Sabahar kommer fra navnet til Dronningen av Saba og det amhariske ordet for silke – Har. Sabahar produserer flotte skjerf, borddu k er  ,  sengetøy, puter, håndklær og andre produkter laget på bestilling . De fleste produktene er laget av ren silke eller en kombinasjon av silke og bumull og a lle produktene er farget med naturlige p igmenter som bl.a. kaffe, te, henna, meskelbloms Read more

Ethiopian women entrepreneurs visited Oslo to showcase their products and meet with potential trade partners.

A handpicked selection of Ethiopian businesswomen just returned from a successful trade mission in Oslo under the leadership of the First Lady of Ethiopia, Mrs. H.E. Roman Tesfaye Abneh. Read more