Reporting for ”dummies”

Last updated: 06.07.2010 // Development cooperation reports have a tendency to be very technical, making it difficult to access for others than experts. Norwegian Peoples Aid in Ethiopia wants to avoid that when reporting on its Mine Action programme.


-When writing these quarterly reports, I am forced to think in a simple way, summarizing important information. I try to make it accessible to a group of people who aren’t necessarily experts on the technical aspects of mine action”, says MR. Kjell Ivar Breili, Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) Mine Action Programme Manager in Ethiopia.

In the 2nd quarter of 2010, NPA Mine Detection Dogs in Ethiopia have cleared 346,905 square metres of land of mines. They have explicit focused on gender equality and environment in their humanitarian mine action work.

Breili took up his position in Ethiopia in May. Before that, he spent three years in the Mine Action Programme of NPA in Southern Sudan.

Read the whole report here


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