Norway contributes NOK 5 million to Humanitarian Response Fund

Last updated: 31.05.2010 // The Humanitarian Response Fund (HRF) for Ethiopia is an emergency funding mechanism managed by the UN Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) and established to address gaps in critical, life-saving emergency response. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces that Norway is contributing NOK 5 million (just under USD 2 million) to the HRF for Ethiopia for 2010.

The Humanitarian Response Fund (HRF), managed by the UN Humanitarian Coordinator with support from the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), was established in Ethiopia in 2006 with two major objectives: 1) ensuring timely and appropriate delivery of gap-filling, life-saving assistance, and 2) as a means of strengthening the coordination role of the UN Humanitarian Coordinator (HC). The priority interventions are determined jointly with government authorities, the UN and NGOs.


OCHA is an important humanitarian partner for Norway, and will continue to play an increasingly central coordination role for the various humanitarian actors. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs appreciates the enhanced coordination mechanism that the HRF represents and is pleased to announce its contribution of NOK 5 000 000 (approx. 1.93 million USD) to the HRF in Ethiopia for 2010.

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