Hege (KLD), Lulu (RNE). Anders (RNE) and Odd (Norad) using the new Ethiopian light railway for the first timeHege (KLD), Lulu (RNE). Anders (RNE) and Odd (Norad) using the new Ethiopian light railway for the first time

Ethio-Norway climate partnership meetings held

Last updated: 04.11.2015 // Ethiopia and Norway signed a climate partnership agreement in 2013. The main objective of the agreement was to support Ethiopia achieve its ambitious Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) strategy, which was launched in 2011 in Durban, South Africa during COP 17. As a result of the partnership agreement, with the financial support of the Norwegian government, Ethiopia has achieved huge results in relation to climate actions, including plans and concrete action on the ground.

From the week of October 26 – 29. 2015, a delegation composed of Hege Regnhildstveit from the department of climate and forest (KLD) and Odd Erik Arnesen from NORAD visited Ethiopia to have an open discussion on the progresses made so far and the way ahead concerning the climate actions.

Towards the end of the week, the delegation had conducted different meetings with government officials and relevant institutions, as well as with multilateral organizations. Amongst other meetings, the delegation met with Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MEFCC) minister Dr. Shiferaw Teklemariam and the Prime Minister's Climate advisor, Dr. Mulugeta. The meetings was hosted by H.E Andreas Gaarder from the Royal Norwegian Embassy to Ethiopia.

During the meeting with Dr. Mulugeta, the ambassador stressed that Norway has been supporting Ethiopia in the three sectors; Agriculture, Energy and Forestry, and will continue supporting Ethiopia in achieving the ambitious plans of the green growth plans. Dr. Mulugeta thanked Norway for the continued support to Ethiopia and also explained that Ethiopia has a long plan to become a middle income country without increasing emissions. He also stressed that Ethiopia will continue implementing climate mitigation and adaptation, as Ethiopia is also negatively affected by the current climate change impacts.

During the meeting with the MEFCC minister, the ambassador explained the longstanding partnership between Ethiopia and Norway. The Ambassador also explained  on the current core partnership between Ethiopia and Norway related to the climate issues. Norway is supporting Ethiopia in many climate actions for the successful achievement of the CRGE strategy, which Ethiopia has planned for its green development path.

H.E. Dr. Shiferaw explained to the delegation that Ethiopia has reflected its green growth strategy in the second national Growth and Transformation (GTP II).  He has also reconfirmed that Climate partnership between Ethiopia and Norway is key to achieve the objective set in the GTP II.

 The delegation has also conducted meetings with National REDD+ secretariat, Global Green Growth Institute, Ethiopian Climate Research Centre (ECRC), the World Bank, and the USAID. During these meetings it was understood that Ethiopia is towards finalizing the REDD+ readiness phase, piloting the REDD+ activities in Oromia regional state, implementing the institutional strengthening of the forest sector, preparing and investment portfolio for the forestry sector for 2016 – 2020.

In conclusion, the delegation has learned that Ethiopia is in the right direction to achieve the Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) strategy in general, and the Reducing Emission From Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) in particular.

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