EU and the United States of America Joined the Lima Declaration Partners

Last updated: 24.07.2015 // Both the European Union (EU) and the United States of America (USA) have joined the Lima Declaration partners in support of Ethiopia's Climate Resilient Green Economy.


Ethiopia developed a Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) strategy in 2011, which was launched in Durban during the seventeenth Conference of the Parties (COP 17) the same year. Following the launch, Norway and the UK pledged to support Ethiopia in this ambitious green growth plan, and later Norway also signed a climate partnership agreement to formalize the pledge.

During the recent visit of a high level delegation from the Norwegian International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI), led by Per Fredrik Pharo, it was reconfirmed that Norway will continue to support Ethiopia with 20 Million USD every year until 2020 for concrete implementation of the CRGE. The support will focus on contributing to Ethiopia's ambitious goals on reducing deforestation, restoration of forest landscapes and afforestation/reforestation.

In 2014 four countries joined Norway and the UK to support Ethiopia in realizing this ambitious plan of achieving the status as middle-income country by 2025, without increasing their greenhouse gas emissions. Accordingly, Ethiopia, Norway, UK, France, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden signed the Lima Declaration during the 20th Conference of the Parties (COP 20) in Lima, Peru.

Recently, both the EU and the United States of America (USA) also joined the Lima Declaration partners. Their support is highly appreciated!


EU: European Union endorsement of the Lima Declaration

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