Climate & Environment

Ethiopia is a pioneering country in global climate work, both nationally and internationally. In 2011, the country launched a green development plan based on climate-robust green growth. Norway and the UK are among the countries that have committed to substantial, long-term investments. Currently other countries, such as Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, have joined the Norway and UK government during the COP 20 in Lima, Peru to support Ethiopia realize the green growth plan. This climate partnership has been strengthened within the pillars of forest/REDD+, clean energy/Energy+ and climate-smart agriculture. The country's authorities share Norway's ambitions to establish a new international climate treaty in which all countries participate, including developing countries. Ethiopia will be able to "deliver" results quite quickly in the form of reduced greenhouse gas emissions. This takes place through green investments in sectors with high growth rates.

It is affirmed: 2014 was the warmest year ever measured. However, it seems that the record won’t stand for long – the first six months of 2015 were even warmer. Read more

Both the European Union (EU) and the United States of America (USA) have joined the Lima Declaration partners in support of Ethiopia's Climate Resilient Green Economy. Read more

Photo: RNE/LULU.

The evaluation has shown that, in general, positive results have been achieved towards the climate and development goals. Read more

Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative Director Per Fredrik Pharo and team are planning to visit Ethiopia from June 02 – 05, 2015. The objective of the visit is to celebrate the progress made in the Ethiopia- Norway partnership in climate and forest so far and plan the way ahead. Read more

The virgin forest of the Gera block of the Belete – Gera forest blocks under the Oromia Forested Landscape carbon Finance program. 
Photo: RNE/Lulu Likassa.

Norway is supporting Ethiopia’s piloting a landscape Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Forest degradation (REDD+) through conserving the remaining moist Afromontane forest of Ethiopia. The Government of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Environment and Forest (MEF) organized a field visit to the Oromia forested landscape carbon financing program site in the South – West block. Read more

Tree planting ceremony Ethiopia. 
Photo: RNE.

At least 40% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, compared to 1990 levels. Read more

Norway is a partner to the Government of Ethiopia in the implementation of the Climate Resilient Green Economy Strategy. 
Photo: RNE/SNH.

Climate smart technologies were on the agenda when Ethiopian partners and stakeholders met at the Norwegian Embassy to prepare for the Lusaka meeting. Read more

The World Bank and TerrAfrica have produced a documentary showcasing Ethiopia's success in sustainable land and water management. The documenatry highlights how a landscape approach was used to manage land, water and forest resources to meet the goals of food security and inclusive green growth. The lessons drawn are relevant for countries fighting land degradation and climate change issues. Read more

Civil society organisations working on Climate and Forest issues in targeted developing countries are invited to submit proposals in a new five-year program awarding a total grant of about 1,5 billion NOK. Read more

Addis Ababa, June 24, 2014 –Ethiopia, a country highly vulnerable to land degradation, deforestation and food insecurity is stepping up its efforts to fight climate change and promote sustainable rural development and build resilience. Today the Norwegian Minster of Climate and Environment Mrs Tine Sundtoft promised additional funding to support Ethiopia’s green growth strategy and forest... Read more

The Norwegian government, the World Bank, Global Environment Facility, Least Developed Country Fund and the Ethiopian Government assisted or funded project was launched on June 14, 2014 at Kuriftu Resort in Bishoftu, Ethiopia. Read more

The Embassy participated in the Energy+ Private Sector Consultation held in Addis Ababa last month. Read more

Photo: RNE/SNH.

Funds from the Government of Norway, Global Environment Facility and World Bank Ida Credit will support Ethiopia’s efforts to reduce land degradation and improve land productivity in six regional states. Read more

The participants could observe production of barley, wheat, teff, faba beans and lentils, while visiting smallholder farmers in Mojo area. 
Photo: RNE.

Food security in a climate perspective was on the agenda, when 4 embassies and NORAD met for a seminar in Addis Ababa 16-18 October. Read more

Government of Norway and World Bank sign agreements to support Government of Ethiopia in scaling up climate-smart land management . 
Photo: Norwegian Embassy Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia is stepping up its efforts to fight climate change, promote sustainable rural development and build resilience. On Friday 30 August, 2013, two agreements were signed between the Government of Norway and the World Bank to support the Government of Ethiopia in scaling up climate-smart land management. Read more

- I feel honored to receive such an award, says Katrine Vestbøstad,  Counsellor for Climate Change, Environment and Clean Energy at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Addis Ababa. 
Photo: RNEADD.

The Ethiopian Government through the Federal Environmental Protection Authority gave today prizes to several embassies included Norway and to Mrs. Katrine Vestbøstad as an appreciation for partnership and efforts in the climate work. Read more

Vannkraftutstilling i Addis Abeba med norsk delegasjon. 
Photo: RNE ADD.

«Norway – powered by nature» var overskriften på den norske utstillingen på den internasjonale vannkraftkonferansen som fant sted i Addis Abeba 16.-18. april 2013. Konferansen samlet over 600 deltakere fra 70 land, blant dem en stor norsk delegasjon. Read more

Norway is supporting efforts in combating deforestation and forest degradation by addressing the root causes in Bale Eco-region of Ethiopia. Commitment from both the Ethiopian government and local communities matters to reverse forest degradation and deforestation. Read more

The World Bank’s infoDev is launching a Climate Innovation Center (CIC) in Ethiopia as part of the network of CIC’s being established in selected countries to promote development, deployment and transfer of locally relevant clean technology. Norway is co-financing the establishment of the CIC in Ethiopia. Read more

Første møte om klimapartnerskapet i Addis Abeba februar 2013. 
Photo: EMBADD.

Det er store fremskritt i klimapartnerskapet som Norge har med Etiopia. Den første samlingen i februar der alle parter deltok, var preget av åpenhet og konstruktive samtaler for tiden framover. Read more