Ethiopia is one of 12 focus countries for Norwegian development cooperation worldwide. Currently, Norwegian developing cooperation with Ethiopia is mainly focusing on four areas: 1) Climate change and the environment; 2) Humanitarian aid; 3) Good governance and human rights; and 4) education. In 2014, Norwegian development aid to Ethiopia amounted to 378 million NOK. More information on Norwegian – Ethiopian cooperation can be found on the website of the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad).

Following the high level Tana forum, the Ambassador was able to make an official visit to Bahir Dar and projects in the Amhara region. Hydropower, technical innovation, forestry and education were all high on the agenda in meetings with with the regional President Ato Gedu Andargachew and Dr. Bayile Damtie, President of the Bahir Dar University. Read more

This hairdressing salon in Tsore refugee camp is a part of the vocational training programme, organized and supported by the NRC. 
Photo: RNE/FBL.

Situated in the fertile lowlands of North-Western Ethiopia, Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State boasts with natural beauty, ethnic diversity and rural simplicity. A couple of weeks back, the Norwegian Ambassador, Mr. Andreas Gaarder, and a small delegation travelled to the “emerging state” on the border with South Sudan and Sudan. The three-day field trip included visits to the Grand Ethiopian... Read more

Ethiopia among the top ten largest recipient countries of Norwegian development aid. 
Photo: NORAD.

‘Norway has reinforced its position as one of the world’s leading development aid donors,’ says Norad director Jon Lomøy. The official development aid figures for 2015 have now been prepared. Read more

Norad Director Jon Lomøy planted  Juniper and Podocarpus (Indiginous trees) in Menagesha Suba Forest. 
Photo: RNE/MOHE.

Jon Lomøy joined Norad as a Director General in November last year. He and a Norad team visited Ethiopia in Addis Ababa 22 – 23 February, 2016. This was his first visit outside of Norway in his new capacity. The team visited programs that the government of Norway is supporting, implemented by the Ethiopian government. The main themes of the visit included climate (agriculture, forestry, energy)... Read more

Bale Ecoregion. 
Photo: RNE.

Norwegian bilateral assistance is today primarily targeted to climate-related support and support for the promotion of human rights, democracy and good governance. Norway's climate commitment in Ethiopia is concentrated on renewable energy, climate adapted agriculture/food security and forest. Rights perspectives are integrated into the initiative and actively followed up, with a particular foc... Read more

U4 is a web-based resource centre for development practitioners who wish to effectively address corruption challenges in their work. They aim to provide users with relevant anti-corruption resources. U4 helpdesk recently published a brief on fighting illicit financial flows from Ethiopia. Read more