Strengthening ties with Afar-region

Last updated: 29.05.2012 // Ambassador Odd-Inge Kvalheim made a visit to the Afar National Regional State from May 21-23.

   The Embassy of Norway supports projects in the region through the Development Fund, Save the Children Norway and UNICEF/UNFPA. Ambassador Kvalheim visited selected sites where the partner-implemented projects were represented:

 Development Fund supports the removal of the prosposis plant, which is encroaching grazing ground. In a bid to stop this, work is being done to remove the plant and make the cleared land available for cultivation and enabling the communities to get income using the removed plant for such purposes as charcoal and animal feed. Development Fund also organises communities  in cooperatives and women-groups This has enabled poor families and individuals to start income- generating activities.

 Save the Children supports work to fight Female Genital mutilation. In several areas, communities and religious leaders have- as a consequence of awareness-raising through the programme, declared female genital mutilation to be harmful. People who still practice mutilation are held to account by their communities.

 Through UNICEF/UNFPA, a programme is being implemented  aimed at enabling young people to get access to information, services and finance to become aware of their sexual reproductive rights, means of exercising them and equip them with skills and resources so that they become self-reliant.                                                                           

Ambassador Kvalheim also visited Semera University, and held talks with the Vice-President of Afar Region, H.E Awol Wegrisse



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