Norway Welcomes the Acquittal of Zone 9 Bloggers

Last updated: 20.10.2015 // Friday 16th October, the remaining four of the Zone 9 bloggers were acquitted after 539 days in custody. Zone 9 is a blog collective from Ethiopia, focusing on human rights and social justice.

Six bloggers related to Zone 9 and three independent journalists were arrested in April 2014, charged under the anti-terrorism proclamation and accused of planning to incite violence in cooperation with the government-banned opposition movement Ginbot 7. However, the court did not find sufficient evidence for the link between the two groups, and all charges have now been dropped.

One of the accused, Befeqadu Hailu, is still charged under Ethiopian criminal law for encouraging violent acts via his work as a journalist.

The Norwegian Embassy welcomes the acquittal of the journalists and bloggers.

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