The delagation met with the Parliamentary Ombudsman. 
Photo: Sivilombudsmannen.The delagation met with the Parliamentary Ombudsman. Photo: Sivilombudsmannen

High-level Ethiopian Justice Delegation in Norway to Learn About Human Rights and The Norwegian Justice System

Last updated: 10.06.2015 // A high-level delegation from the Ethiopian justice sector has recently conducted a study tour to Norway. The delegation consisted of the Ethiopian Chief Justice, Mr. Tegene Getaneh; the Minister of Justice, Mr. Getachew Ambaye; the Addis Ababa Police Commissioner, Mr. Yihdego Seyoum; and the President of Justice for All Prison Fellowship Ethiopia (JFA – JFE), Pastor Daniel Gebreselassie.

They had productive meetings with a number of institutions, including the Parliamentary Ombudsman, National Police Directorate, the Oslo Probation Office, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, the Justice Committee of the Parliament, the National Institution for Human Rights and the Norwegian Supreme Court, in addition to a visit to Ullersmo prison. The delegation also met with the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The purpose of this visit was to learn as much as possible about how Norway is working to ensure human rights, and how the Norwegian justice system is build up. During the meetings, the delegation was able to pose questions and discuss the situation in Ethiopia, and how best practices can be transferred to the Ethiopian system.


The study tour was a part of the Norwegian support to Justice for All - Prison Fellowship Ethiopia (JFA – PFE), where the aim is to improve the conditions in Ethiopian prisons, ensure human rights and legal aid of prisoners, and build human rights capacity and awareness within the Ethiopian justice system and law enforcing bodies.

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