The Norwegian government is stepping up its effort for education in the development cooperation. The White paper Education for Development outlines the areas in which Norway intends to contribute to increased and improved education globally. Ethiopia is identified as one of four pilot countries for this commitment, because we see a political will and capacity to improve the education situation in Ethiopia. For instance, in 2011, the government of Ethiopia allocated 27% of its overall budget to education. The Ethiopian government has over the last years made crucial progress in terms of quantity of education, by building numerous schools and ensuring a very high levels of enrollment in primary school. However, quality of the education remains a major challenge. (Sources: Global Partnership for Education, UNICEF, USAID).

The institutional partners celebrated the opening of the new Centre for Medical Ethics and Priority Setting at Addis Abeba University: Sissel Idland, Counsellor at the Norwegian Embassy; Ass. Professor Dawit Desalegn Nima, Head of the new Center; Professor Ole Fridtjof Norheim and Ass. Professor Ingrid Miljeteig at the University of Bergen. 
Photo: RNE.

On February 28th the Embassy attended the opening of Center for Medical Ethics and Priority Setting, a result of an institutional collaboration which started in 2012, between Addis Abeba University and University of Bergen. A pilot program soon became a reality where 25 experienced physicians now after three years, are certified teachers of medical ethics. Read more

The Ambassador of the Norwegian Embassy addressed invited guests during Inauguration of the newly equipped and renovated Dental Health Service and Training Department at AAU. 
Photo: RNE.

The Dental Health Service and Training Department received a donation worth of 50 million NOK dental equipment from the University of Bergen and the Embassy provided financial support for transportation and installation of the equipment, purchase of spare parts, and capacity development of staffs and technicians in the dentistry field. Read more

The Minister of Education H.E. Shiferaw Shiguteand and State Secretary Tone Skogen.

The Minister of Education H.E. Shiferaw Shigute, Minister of State for General Education H.E.Dr. Tilaye Gete and a delegation from the Ministry of education last week met with State Secretary Tone Skogen in Oslo. Read more

Photo: Guri Dahl/

The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU) has launched a new funding scheme for collaboration between higher education institutions in Norway and selected countries, Ethiopia is one of the countries. The programme will support five-years projects. The deadline for application is 5 September 2016. Read more

Ambassador Andreas Gaarder joined the fieldtrip to attend the signing of the MoU and to get more information about Jimma University. Here together with Ato Kora Tushune, Vice President for Jimma University. 
Photo: NRE/JBJ.

On April 5-6, the Embassy, with ambassador Andreas Gaarder, joined the University of Oslo and the University of Bergen to visit Jimma University, 352 km southwest of Addis Ababa. The purpose of the trip was to attend the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Jimma University and the University of Oslo, and to get more information about the university. Read more

UNFPA is supporting the Resource Centre for students with disabilities through the resources of the UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Programme on the Right-Based Approach to Adolescent and Youth Development funded by the Norwegian Government. 
Photo: UNFPA.

The Resource Centre for Students with Disabilities established by the African AIDS Initiative International (AAII) at the Addis Ababa University was inaugurated 29 March 2016. The centre consisting of a computer pool of 42 computers with internet connections and a reading room was set up with the support of UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund. Read more

Enter the Youth Video Challenge and tell how education prepares you for life and how YOU think school will look in 2050.

The International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity (The Education Commission) has launched a global video competition challenging young people ages 13-30 to create a video of 30 seconds or less answering one or both of these questions: How can education best prepare you for your future? What would your ideal school of the future look like? Read more

The program provides school meals, mostly made up of porridge from locally produced maize with soy supplements. 
Photo: Save The Children.

Norwegian support through Save the Children combats effects of drought in primary schools, in the most affected areas in Afar, parts of the Somali region and Sitti Zone in Ethiopia. Read more

Ambassador Andreas Gaarder and Ethiopia’s State Minister for General Education H.E. Dr. Tilaye Gete signing of the Memorandum of Understanding

On January 14, 2016, The Norwegian Embassy in Addis Ababa hosted a Joint Norwegian –Ethiopian Conference on Education. The conference marked the 20+ years of the Norwegian and Ethiopian partnership in higher education, and launched the new Norwegian education initiative on general education in Ethiopia. A Strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by the two countries, for further... Read more

Photo: RNE.

Norwegian Ambassador Andreas Gaarder held an opening speech at the Education Conference in Addis Ababa today, 14 January. Read more

Today, 14 January, Ethiopia and Norway have signed a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation within the education sector. Read more

The Embassy visited Hawassa University in 2014. 
Photo: HU.

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation, Federal Republic of Ethiopia, signed a grant agreement of NOK 22 million on 19 November 2015. The grant is dedicated for Institutional Cooperation between Hawassa and Mekelle Universities and The Norwegian University of Life Sciences Phase IV. Read more

Agreement on education for children and youngsters in the refugee camps and the host communities signed,  Ambassador Andreas Gaarder and NRC Country Director  Abdi Ahmednur . 
Photo: NRC.

Ethiopia has been hosting Eritrean refugees in Shire, Tigray Regional State since 2012 in Shimelba, Mai Ayni, Adi Harush, and Hitsats. Several youngsters, both unaccompanied minors fleeing from Eritrea and youth from Ethiopia in transit in the north or from the hosting communities, try to make it to Europe. They are very young and their route is a very dangerous one. Read more

Children are likely to drop out of  school, due to the current drought,  if no response is made. 
Photo: RNE/ANVA.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Education has made an advocacy on education in the current drought emergency in Ethiopia. "Let us protect the over 2 million school children from risk of dropping out and being exposed to violence, trafficking, early marriage, exploitation, etc. " Read more

Leaders from all over the world met in Oslo in July this year, for the Oslo Summit on Education. 
Photo: MFA/Espen Røst.

‘The Government is continuing to intensify its education efforts in countries affected by poverty, conflict and crises. We have therefore proposed an increase in aid for education of NOK 500 million,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende. Ethiopia is one of four prioritized countries for Norway’s commitment to increase and improve education globally. Read more

Morten Heide during opening remark. 
Photo: RNE/SI.

The Embassy representatives attended the National Measuring, Reporting and Verification Capacity Building Launching Workshop at Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources under Hawassa University Read more

Youth Education Pack (YEP) for refugees in Ethiopia supported by Norway. 
Photo: RNE.

Norway is currently scaling up its effort within the education sector globally, and Ethiopia is picked out as one of four pilot countries for this new Norwegian commitment. Read more

President of Addis Ababa University Dr. Admasu Tsegaye. 
Photo: UNFPA.

The centre has been established with support from UNFPA, under the Programme on the Right-Based Approach to Adolescent and Youth Development funded by the Norwegian Government. Read more

Video from NORAD

Universities in Norway and Ethiopia in cooperation, to improve the livelihood of rural communities. Read more

On November 1st, Norway signed an agreement of NOK 7.5 million over 3 years with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. The implementing partner is the Addis Ababa University, more specifically the Center for Human Rights. Read more