Fasiledes Bath Restoration to be completed before the end of the year

Last updated: 31.03.2010 // The restoration and rehabilitation of Fasiledes Bath located within the World Heritage site of the Fasil Gebi complex in the town of Gondar, located 770 km northwest of Addis Ababa is nearing completion with the financial assistance of Norway.

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the Government of the Republic of Ethiopia signed an agreement on 12th of December 2001 for the Rehabilitation and Restoration of the Bath with the objectives of the physical restoration of the structure to its authentic form, documentation of the heritage site’s history, restoration of records and drawings and the establishment of a sustainable relationship between national and international professional institutions.

The structure includes a three storied bathing palace with battlemented walls and a square tower standing in a sunken bathing place (53mX28m) surrounded by a masonry wall that encompasses a considerable area.

As some outstanding work to accomplish the full restoration remained, the Embassy decided late last year to commit  approximately 1.800,000.-  birr for the completion of the physical restoration of the Bath within October 2010..

Ashenafi Gizaw, Programme Officer visited the site 25-27 March and met regional officials of the Culture and Tourism Bureau and was able to observe that after the purchase of additional inputs, work on the finalisation of the restoration started two weeks ago and it is realistic to conclude that it will finish within the planned time.

Mohamouda Ahmed Gaas State Minister for Culture and Tourism of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia was in Gondar during the same time for a workshop on cultural diversity and was given a tour of the restoration work. He expressed his pleasure with the progress and urged all involved to keep up the good work.  



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