Big success for Nordic films for Children

Last updated: 19.12.2014 // Nordic Films for Children were screened for more than 600 Ethiopian school children at the 9th Ethiopian International Film Festival.

The four Nordic Embassies in Ethiopia - Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland - contributed with one movie each. In addition to showing quality films for children, the aim of the Embassies was to raise the awareness of the importance of films for children as a tool to strengthened children’s rights, culture, participation and visibility in societies. The Italian Cultural Institute was sponsoring the event, and also helped by inviting the nearby schools.

The 9th Ethiopian International Film Festival (Ethioiff) took place in Addis Ababa 17th – 24th November 2014. In Ethiopia and most of Africa children and young people under the age of 25 form the majority of the population. Ethioiff strongly believe it is important that they can see and reflect on themselves through cinema and films they can relate to and understand. In Ethiopia today there are very few movies produced for these age groups.

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